How to Balance a game between Simplicity and Complexity

Dozens of movies get released every year in the US. They belong to every genre that you can think of: Comedy, Thrillers, Action, Romance, But not all movies make truckloads of money. Not all movies are loved the world over. For instance, Wiki says Jurassic World grossed $208.8 million domestically in its opening weekend, making it the […]

A Quick History of our Carrom Mobile Game

Relax, we’re not getting into the entire history of carrom! You always have wiki for that! Carrom was ‘almost surely’ invented in India and remains one of the most popular indoor games till date. Its popularity is reflected by the fact that it is played as frequently with friends as with family. In fact, it’s difficult to […]

Exciting new Carrom Mobile game in Development Part

The carrom mobile game we’ve been working on for some time has been giving us new highs! And we found that one of the most exciting moments for a gaming company is when they unveil the first look of their game, Work In Progress! Now is when we best understand the butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling !